Fashion month favorites I: NYFW

It’s obvious Alexander Wang can do no wrong. Just thinking of the process each garment went through makes me want to write him a song. (Check here for previous song dedicated to Alaia) For those of you who think this collection was simply stitched up: BOOYA, you couldn’t be further from the truth. So here’s the deal; one late summer night in July, Mr Wang was sitting at his studio thinking about how mainstream garment construction has become and so it hit him; he’d gather leather garments, cut them into pieces then loosely sew them back together with a sort of see-through panel that left strips of skin visible. I wish i could say that was all, but it’s not. For the final walk, the lights were dimmed and all of a sudden the outfits began to glow in the dark. The End.

Here’s what the critics had to say:

More than merely engineered for the in crowd, the lineup was sophisticated and very smart.” WWD

The show already felt vital and dynamic–then came its vibrant ending: Models lined up for a glow-in-the-dark effect that changed graphic into color, bringing an ovation from the crowd.” International Herald Tribune

If any New York designer is setting the agenda in modern fashion it is Alexander Wang, whose latest collection was a surgically re-constructed interpretation of the modern urban uniform that managed to be beautiful and gutsy, bizarre yet plausible.” Fashion Wire Daily

It’s rare, during New York Fashion Week, to attend a show that has audiences literally cheering aloud. At Alexander Wang’s Spring 2013 show today, that’s precisely what happened.” Fashionologie

The collection:

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Alaia Sale

It’s 3 am and i should probably go to sleep but i felt like i just had to let you guys know! MAJOR Alaia sale on The Outnet starting tomrw! Seriously, if y’all don’t buy yourself a pair or two ima be majorly dissapointed! Also, the heels i blogged about previously (here) are also included in the sale! I think these are the ones I’m leaning towards the most! Whady’all think? Love?

Oh Alaia

After another great night with my Alaia heels on, I’ve decided to dedicate a song to Mr Alaia. Now before you go on rolling your eyes and calling me crazy. I’d like to prove my sanity and tell y’all the story behind these gorgeous heels.

It all started last December on a bright & lovely day in Dubai. I was exercising my basic need to shop when i came across a pair of building-high, nay, skyscraper-high, pair of cut out suede heels. -Oh Alaia, the things you do to me- I carefully took it off the rack and checked its size: 37.  Darn. But fret not my lovely readers, this story has a happy ending, there were another pair of 39s! That’s when I spotted a pair of Balenciaga heels that looked like this:
how could i say no? but there was no way my mother was going to let me buy both! what to do, what to do.

I started the usual “Ill pay for it” debate that usually ends with her cutting me off about how rude it is of me that i would say such a thing and how i shouldn’t be spending 10 thousand pounds on a pair of shoes but i digress. There they were, just waiting for me to try them on. Just waiting for me to take them home and show them a good time.
I was torn.
I tried them on, they were perfect. High as they were, they were the most comfortable heels i had ever worn. I was buying them, no matter what it took. So out came the credit card, ahh my credit card, so many stories there, but I’ll leave that for another post. To my mother’s dismay i walked out of the store with the biggest smile on my face. It was like going to an orphanage and adopting a baby, heck if you think about it, shopping is a lot like adopting a baby but i digress, the fight with my mother alone should have been an enough of an indicator that those heels were special, but little did i know what plans Mr Alaia had for me.
To make a long story short, ever since that day, every time I’ve worn those babies I’ve had an amazing time. I’d point out examples but i don’t kiss and tell, so without further ado, Mr. Alaia, i love you. Marry me? or more like, design my wedding dress? Heck, even if i don’t get married I’ll throw a faux wedding just to wear the dress and everyone would just dance along to this song i wrote:










Here are a few interesting interviews for those of you interested in reading more about Azzedine Alaia:

1, 2 & 3

Somehow I’ve never heard of/seen this video before! It’s nice to see Carine embrace the change from editor to client and document it. My favorite part is definitely when Alaia, as his usual humble self, tells Carine that he insists on being present at all fittings.

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