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Today i found myself craving chocolate chip cookies, one phone search after the other and i ended up on Baking in Manolos which really got me feeling nostalgic (especially as I scrolled through XIX) and so I guess I’d like to be able to look back a few years from now and have something that describes where I was in life so here goes.


My current bucket list: (As inspired by Aly Darwish’s)

**Get on the Forbes’ 30 under 30 list

**Take the swimwear design course at Saint Martins

**Design, create and sell my swimwear line

**Study product design

**MBA at either Stanford/Harvard or Upenn

**Backpack through Europe

**Take the full year immersion cooking class at Cordon Bleu in Paris while also working on my French

**Open a restaurant

**Translate, type and publish mom’s cookbook

**Visit 88 countries

**Contribute and make 100 lives better

*Take a surfing class

**Celebrate Holi in India

**Bike from Rome to Milan

**Go to a music festival: Coachella/Tommorowland

**Go to the airport and board a plane at random

**Attend an Alaia Fashion previewing

**Give a talk to help empower and inspire young women

**Help develop the fashion industry in the Middle East


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