As some of you may already know, i turn 19 today. While i usually plan my birthday down to the tiniest detail (like nail polish shades) months in advance, this year was different. Early on during June i came to know i was going to have a midterm on my bday and another one the next day and while most of you may be accustomed to studying during your birthday, for someone who’s birthday falls in July, this was a first indicator that as i had previously predicted, 19 wasn’t going to be a good year.  However, being the optimist that i am, I’ve decided to turn it around so aside from the fact that i will be going out to celebrate and getting shitfaced drunk regardless of tomorrow’s midterm, I’ve compiled a list of things i want to do before i turn 20 and hope maybe if i actually declare it somewhere I’ll feel the need to cross out each and every one. So here we go.

Things to do before i turn 20

  • Spend FNO in NYC
  • Attend a show during either NYFW or LFW
  • Plan + Apply for a year abroad in Europe
  • Go to a music festival (Ultra or Creamfields)
  • Get a tattoo (if and only if i still want one by June 1st, 2013)
  • Buy myself a gift at the end of each month
  • Perfect my french
  • Apply for an assistant buyer internship position @ Net-a-porter
  • Confront a fear: Donate Blood
  • Lasec
  • Finish designing & launch my swimwear line before Summer’13
  • Maintain my blog by blogging min once a week
  • Get a Yorkie

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