Forget the front, it’s all about the back

There seems to be a trend when it comes to hosting competitions on Facebook (thank you GAP models) and it looks like various segments have begun to take advantage of the free PR that accompanies these competitions. A few minutes ago, I came across a photo of a piece of jewelery that was created by an Egyptian designer, Farida Kalagy, for a contest hosted by Nubre Design. What i loved the most about Kalagy’s pieces was the research and story behind the design which unfortunately isn’t the norm with designers here in Cairo.

According to Kalagy, “The piece is designed to be worn on the back or the front,drawing attention to a part of the body i.e. the back, that is usually neglected by jewelery designers. The two lines of turquoise reflect the blue uncontaminated color of the Nile in Aswan. The triangular shapes suggest the architecture in Aswan and they represent man-made aggressive interventions in natural beauties. The violent encounter between nature and man-made pollution gives birth to the black stone, which is small though perceived as a bigger challenge.”

You can stay updated on the competition through Nubre Design’s Facebook page

Farida Kalagy’s pieces


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