Marni x HM

I found a perk to shopping in Cairo. No really, I’m not joking.
A week ago, H&M Egypt began to tweet about their Marni x HM collection’s arrival on the 26th of May albeit being released elsewhere since March, heck these items are probably on sale abroad. Anywho, I assumed the turnout would consist of just Nadine Sabry & I but i must admit the turnout was better than I expected. There were women that were there from 9 am waiting for the store to open. Now that’s what i call dedication. And so back to how there’s a perk to shopping in Cairo, sure when i first arrived it felt like women were fighting over the accessories ( i got the last pair of heels and the last white floral necklace) but while browsing, i realized that the store clerks were on top of it and extremely helpful, something I’m sure doesn’t happen abroad when you literally have hundreds of women on the verge of killing those that get in their way. So a big round of applause to H&M Egypt. I’m hoping this will encourage them to bring more of the collaboration collections since they canceled the Versace x HM’s debut last November and re-routed it to Dubai.

*Another thing i absolutely loved= the packaging! Even the shopping bags looked gorgeous!


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