Those who know me well, know I can get extremely superstitious and have a way of coming up with my own theories that almost everyone else finds crazy. On that note, I recently discovered/ came up with a theory that I’m curious to test on others.

While looking back on the past few months, I realized that this year has most definitely been my best to date.
To support that claim, I’ll list a few of the great things that happened this year ( I’m talking age-wise )
– I got into Mcgill
– Found a program at the Academy of Art university that allows me to double-major in Fashion Design & Engineering while staying here in Cairo
– I started a fashion magazine, VITRINA
– I had the best winter break to date (went to Paris & Rome with friends)
– Finally visited Dubai after a long 8 year wait
– Plus a few other projects that i’ve finally started working on, however i can’t give out any details just yet

On the other hand, the year before that was terrible. I was mad that my mother had basically trapped me in Cairo, so it reflected on my personality & actions in every way possible. As I told my friend about this “theory” of mine. I managed to trace back my good/bad years all the way back to 1st grade and came to the conclusion that the “even years” are my best, while the “odd”, not so much.

So although this year has been great and I can’t wait to see what the next 2 months have in store for me, I’m terrified to turn 19.
What about you? does my “theory” apply to you? *Let me know in the comments box*


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