Key Lime Pie

It’s been a while since i’ve baked anything since the whole household is on diet mode, but with my mother out of town and my sugar cravings sky rocketing i just couldn’t resist! I had already promised a friend i’d make him a key lime pie so the “what” factor was set, i just had to find the right recipe.
Last year, my aunt received a special edition cookbook from the Ritz Carlton and automatically thought of me and gave it to me. I had already tried a few of their recipes (creme brulee and NY cheesecake) and both turned out terrifically so i decided to find the cookbook and give the recipe a try and boy was it yummy!
I would definitely try this one again! Enjoy!

This pie has three components to it:

-The base
-The custard
-The whipped cream

Start off by measuring all the items needed to make the custard, mix as instructed in the recipe then place the custard in a dish in the fridge.

Next, start to prepare the ingredients for the graham cracker base and line it on the 10″ pan (I actually double this part of the recipe in order to have a “thicker crust”)

I had some extra batter so i made half a serving of the crust and decided to make a few “mini cheesecakes”


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