McQ Fall 2012

As a kid, I never understood the point of fashion shows. What was the point in creating extravagant outfits that normal people were never going to wear? Wasn’t it a waste of time and creativity? Now, I contrast NYFW vs LFW and while its obvious I used to be a New Yorker in a past life, I realize I’ve definitely evolved into a London Girl. It’s thanks to these over-the-top collections that inspire day-to-day fashion, beauty, hair, and even nail, trends. Sure we may never be able to tie our hair up a la this Mcqueen show but we’re bound find a way to make buns fashionable.

Aside from the bigger designers such as Oscar de La Renta who can afford to go all out, most american designers tend to play it safe with more wearable collections and shows and while that’s fairly okay when you’re at NYFW. Once you move on to LFW or MFW you tend to get lost in the world of Miuccia and Donatella and completely involuntarily, forget all about the Wangs and Theyskens of the world.  All I’m saying is that, while i will always love me some Jason Wu, there’s nothing like my  McQ (Burton) fix.


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