Matthew Williamson: Just another collection doing what he does best: patterns and color. Anyone feel like the dress to the far right is very “Marchesa”?

They’ve clearly hopped onto the military bandwagon. Silhouettes focused on clenched waists, usually through the use of wide belts.

Burberry Prorsum:

Sure i could go on and on about the striped skirts, over-sized pockets, clenched waistlines or even the graphic t-shirts but i think my time would be put to better use if i were to discuss a matter of utmost importance:
Christopher Bailey, will you marry me?

And of course, to top it off, Bailey makes it snow! Models return for final walk in umbrellas and studded gloves.














Antonio Berardi:
Y’all know how Lady Gaga stepped out in Giuseppe Zanotti heel-less heels then Jeffrey Campbell helped make it mainstream and now all of a sudden POOF everyone’s all like “who needs heels on shoes anyways?” Well here’s the thing, Antonio Berardi designed heel-less heels 4 years ago and of course none other than Victoria Beckham was the first to try on the thigh high latex heel-less heels. Basically, he’s badass.

My favorite thing about this collection is the femininity in the curves. If you think about it, not a single item has a “sleek ” cut, yet it doesn’t look bulky at all.

(All pics via Style.com)


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