The Fashion Studio

Great news came to me yesterday via twitter and no, I’m not talking about Gucci’s decision to bring velvet back. In fact, it stemmed miles and miles away from MFW, in a gallery inside Amuse that will soon be transformed into what i consider “The coolest Egyptian initiative to date.” The Fashion Studio is a collaboration between A-muse & The Collective that will hold month-long courses for individuals interested in expanding their knowledge about fashion. These courses are held specially in the afternoon so that even those with school/university or jobs will be able to attend. If I were you, I would book ASAP, i already did.
No I’m not exaggerating, you really should.
Because a) it’s fashion related b) They’re providing classes à la Saint Martins except minus the trip to London (not that I’d mind, you just need to take it up with my mother) c) it’s a great chance to meet other Fashion enthusiasts who understand that thinking “Shopping = I Love Fashion” is. just. wrong. d) you’re bound to bump into me at the Styling & Media classes e) and my favorite of all, quoted straight from their twitter account “Learn how to make a real fashion portfolio without simply placing Egyptian Flags on inanimate objects”

Located in the gallery at A-muse in Zamalek, The Fashion Studio will provide classes for all you fashionistas out there! The classes they’re offering include Fashion styling, Photography, Illustration and more!

Book a class through Tazkarty
Check out their website “”
Or Call 01287199019 for more info


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