Internship frenzy

It’s relatively mid-February and that means most Major internship applications (like Conde Nast’s summer intern Program) are already way past their deadlines. But don’t fret, there are still loads of places to apply to for the Summer of 2012, you just need to start researching, FAST.
I’ve combined a few websites for internships abroad, and some here in Cairo. Feel free to contact me for more information.

NYC: provides a great database for magazine-related internships with descriptions on requirements needed, etc. Typical internship posts you can find here include: Glamour, Vogue, W, Seventeen and other teen/beauty/health magazines.

London: is another great site that caters to opportunities in the UK, the only downside is that the ratio of jobs to internships featured is somewhat close to 5:1

Unfortunately, the fashion industry in Cairo is relatively tiny so as a result the internship possibilities are scarce, but if you can’t seem to get past your parents and are forced to stay in Cairo, here are a few options worth looking in to:

London Runway

Boutique 51

Marketing & Social Media:
Dina Ayesh

Amina Khalil
Malak Ezzawy

GLAM styling agency
Kegham Djeghalian (contact via email:

If all else fails, always remember that you can always go straight to the website of companies such as LVMH for any of their brands, Gucci Group, Burberry etc 


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