Left Bank

I’ve got to hand it to Urbane Restaurants, they’ve really hit the spot with Left Bank. I had heard great reviews about Left Bank & the concept behind the Cafe from a couple of friends but just didn’t have the time to visit. Lucky me, it just so happens to be that they offer morning cooking classes on Tuesdays which fits perfectly with my AUC schedule, so i decided to try it out. The two items on the menu were: Salmon Rolls stuffed with tuna and a Chocolate & coffee dessert.
The recipes were extremely easy to follow and we were shown how to finish each one in under 15 minutes (perfect for a quick fix when having guests over.)
< There were no salmon rolls in sight by the time i took my iphone out but here are a few other pics that i managed to take>

The Chocolate & Coffee dessert by yours truly

The entrance to Left Bank

If you concentrate, you'll notice the floors are designed after a map of downtown! Pretty cool stuff!

More of their modern interiors and general cool vibe

Did i mention that they've got loads of super interesting books?

P.S Chef Benoit Laboureux let us in on a little secret: Next week, he’s going to be making their famous truffles so make sure you call and reserve early since their classes allow up to a max of 10 people.
Tel: (02) 2735 0014


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